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Thats Fast!

Xelif is a new service that can:
  • Accelerate many of your downloads to a maximum speed of 3MB/s, or the maximum speed of your connection
  • Accelerate any of the popular download applications, like the web, BitTorrent, etc
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Xelif Beta

Interested? We are running a semi-public beta, so if you want to give Xelif a try here is your chance to do it for free. About 2000-4000 people will be accepted into the beta, so depending on how many people apply your chances are fairly good. (unless this gets posted on slashdot or digg, and then your chances are probably not so good, sorry)

Enter your email address below to sign up for the semi-public beta.

Dont believe us? Think we are full of crap? Read more about how Xelif works on our Info and Geeks pages.

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