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Trust us, you want a Xelif server on your network...

Lower Costs
Lower Costs
Lower Costs
Lower Costs

We want a Xelif server! How do we get one?
Just let us know at "isps _at_ xelif.com". We will provide the server(s) for free, so the arrangement is fairly simple. You need to have a minimum number of end users, which at this point is fairly high (but contact us anyway, you never know...). After that we will send you a server, you put it in a rack and plug it in.

I'm not convinced...
OK, we're not surprised... The big upside of having a Xelif server on your network is bandwidth savings. If you care about how much external bandwidth your users use (and you pay for) then installing a Xelif server is a good thing to do.

User Experience and Traffic Shaping...
Giving your user a more positive online experience translates into greater customer retention. A Xelif server will give that positive experience by increasing download speeds.

A Xelif server also provides an alternative to traffic shaping your users. Several ISPs have started traffic shaping in recent months. This initiative has mostly failed for several reasons. The immediate reaction was for BitTorrent developers to release clients with encryption to circumvent the shaping. Second, it is hard to shape some P2P protocols. And finally, it drives the ISPs own users away.

So once again: A Xelif server provides an alternative to traffic shaping your users. Instead of degrading their network performance you can choose to increase it.

How much bandwidth will a Xelif server save?
This depends on many factors, such as the traffic profile of your users, the number of Xelif servers, and the Xelif usage rate on your network. We can provide you with detailed statistics on the bandwidth that the server saves you. We think you will save enough to make it worth the trouble of plugging in a server, which, um, is not very much effort, but you will probably save a lot of bandwidth.

If BitTorrent traffic is now encrypted how can a Xelif server help?
Xelif servers are able to process encrypted BitTorrent traffic.

If you have any other questions please email us: "isps _at_ xelif.com"

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