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Beta testing will be conducted by slowly ramping up to somewhere around 2000-4000 users. If you dont hear back immediately, dont worry, you may make it into the beta later. We will notify you by email if you were chosen to participate.

Is the beta free?
Yes! Although Xelif has already been tested extensively privately, its a beta, so there may be problems, and therefore it is free. In exchange for the free service the best way you can contribute to the beta is by providing good feedback (even if you are going to tell us that we suck, we still want to hear it).

When will the beta start?
In "three weeks". (Note; Estimates like this are always right, especially when they are in quotes, that makes them extra-accurate)

How long will the beta last?
The beta will last for "two months".

How do I know if I got into the beta?
We will email you with the word.

Still want more info? See the Geeks page.
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