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Want to increase the speed of your Internet connection? Find yourself waiting around a lot for a download to finish, or even to start? Xelif is a generalized download accelerator that is designed to work with all of the popular protocols and applications (eg. the web (HTTP), and peer to peer protocols like BitTorrent). Popular downloads like new game demos, flash games, linux distributions, etc. can be accelerated to the maximum speed of your connection.

How Xelif Works
The Xelif service is easy to use. No user interaction with Xelif is ever required, it just runs in the background and keeps your downloads happy. Xelif automatically watches for downloads that can be accelerated. When you download a file that can be accelerated Xelif will direct your download through the fastest Xelif server, resulting in acceleration up to 30 times faster.

You can view how much Xelif has sped up your connection by opening the Xelif window.

If you get into the beta, simply download and run the installer, which will copy the Xelif files to a location of your choice, and set Xelif to run on startup. Once installed Xelif will show up as an icon in your system tray.

Is Xelif free?
Unfortunately there are substantial costs in providing Xelif, so there will be a monthly free of $4.99 for use of the service. Once the beta is over we will provide a limited-time free trial version of Xelif.

Why should I pay $4.99/mo?
This is a small increase over what you already pay for high-speed internet access, and Xelif will help you make the most out of your high-speed connection.

What applications does Xelif work with?
Xelif is independent of applications and works with just about any application you can use to download files with!

Does Xelif work with movies in web pages? flash?
Yes! These downloads are handled the same as any other.

Does Xelif compromise my privacy? What data is stored about me?
No personal information is stored. A Xelif server has to process over ten thousand transactions per second, at that rate there are simply no resources left to log information. As a result no data is stored or logged about individual users.

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